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Element Klik Klak Disposable Device 600 Puffs - Magnetic - Pack of 10

Price: £44.99

Brand: Element


Description: Klik Klak Disposable Device - Magnetic. Klik Klak disposable device is another hit vape series by ELEMENT with fantastic innovations. Klik Klak vapes come with magnets on its side which can be used to attach to KLIK KLACK vapes with each other. This vape is the first which comes with a magnetic feature. You can connect Peach Ice and Super Sour flavours and experience Peach Ice Super Sour flavours. Each vape contains 600 Puffs and 1200 Puffs when two vapes get combined. Klik Klak Disposable Device - Magnetic Features: 600 Puffs. 2ml e-Liquid Capacity. 20mg nicotine salt. Klik Klak disposable vapes are designed to be magnetically combined to create a variety of different flavour combinations. With Klik Klak disposables, you can purchase any two (or more!) disposables from the range and attach via the magnets along the sides of the device to create a flavour of your choosing. Each Klik Klak vape fits the standard bill for disposables here in the UK: it contains 2ml of 20mg strength nic salt E-Liquid, delivering up to 600 puffs on its own. But when you combine two of them, you get a 4ml vape holding up to 1200 puffs! This is currently the only device of its kind here in the UK. Element Klik Klak Disposable Device 600 Puffs - Magnetic - Pack of 10 - shop the best deal online on gr8mobiles.net

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